Digital Champion models

Digital Champions have a crucial role in providing support to help get people online and develop their Essential Digital Skills.

Digital Champion models

There’s a summary of how Digital Champion programmes work here. The One Digital partnership has worked with a range of different digital inclusion projects across the UK. These models have been developed to best meet the needs of the wide variety of learners who have been supported.

Digital champions model infographic

The Digital Champion models

  • are flexible
  • can be blended
  • can be a useful guide
  • can help you identify what support is most suitable for your own organisation
  • can help you identify what support is most suitable for your learners

Here’s a video interview showing the impact a Digital Champion can have on someone’s confidence online. Tracey was supported by East Lothian Digital Access Project.

The different Digital Champion models can give you ideas of what might work in different situations. For example:

  • In a local youth centre, or a housing scheme for older people, a volunteer Digital Champion project encouraging peer-to-peer learning can be very successful
  • In a project which has external funding, a professional Digital Champion can provide a dedicated resource to help recruit volunteer Digital Champions and work with local partners
  • An organisation providing an online service may need to help clients to get online to access the service directly. In this case supporting staff to become embedded Digital Champions can work well

You can find out more in these case studies about how organisations are using Digital Champions. This video presentation by Kate Gallant, Learning Facilitator with One Digital, provides an in-depth look into the One Digital partnership & our approach to working with different types of Digital Champion.