Working with learners with physical disabilities

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Learners with physical disabilities
often have multiple issues and concerns

Ensure Digital Champions understand
the boundaries of their role
and know how to signpost learners
to other services

  • Learners often have multiple needs so learning support needs to be very tailored to each individual and provided one to one
  • Delivering support to learners who are often isolated in their own home
  • Developing learning materials in a range of accessible formats
  • Building and maintaining learner confidence
  • Ensuring sufficient resources are available to provide on-going learning support
  • Capacity to provide support especially in rural areas
  • Supporting volunteers with maintaining boundaries as the learner often has multiple issues and concerns which it would not be appropriate for them to be involved with
  • Fear of technology change, especially for learners who use outdated versions of tech who may be concerned to change in case new tech is not so accessible

Image: Jigsaw graphic with top tips of what to teach: Smart or assistive technology; communication tools; Online safety; Universal credit; Current hobbies; Order prescriptions

Image : Jigsaw graphic with top tips for DCs : tailor support; build trust; follow procedure; be flexible; let people try; focus on needs

Image: Jigsaw graphic of top tips for projects: Tailor recruitment of DCs; Extra DC training; Partnership working; Investigate technology

Tailor recruitment of DCs
– Having Digital Champions with lived experience is good way to deliver a learning programme as they will have a better understanding of people’s needs 

Extra DC training
– Provide Digital Champions with high quality information on different disabilities and how they impact on using different technology
– Give Digital Champions information on different technical accessibility solutions
– Ensure Digital Champions have completed relevant training on Digital Champions Network
– Encourage Digital Champions to access advice, guides and training from specialist organisations such as RNIB (who have a helpline) and AbilityNet 
– Ensure Digital Champions understand the boundaries of their role & know how to signpost learners to other services

Partnership working
– Local partnerships are essential for delivering good quality, targeted support 

Investigate technology
– Assistive/smart technology is diverse with new apps & products coming out daily
– Smartspeaker tech can be useful in breaking down the barriers by providing voice-activated options 


Research, Reports and Publications

Image: Jigsaw graphic with the text Top tip

Always remember that learners may not be typical of their group and may have multiple additional needs => Look at the other guides for tips and resources

Many thanks to our partners AbilityNet and RNIB who contributed to developing the learning on this topic