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Tablet Loan Scheme

Age UK South Lakeland run a Tablet Loan Scheme, whereby they loan out tablets alongside free connectivity for three months, absolutely free of charge, to older people who need them. The scheme is aimed at digitally excluded older people, with little or no experience of smart devices. These people may not be able to afford broadband, may have poor or no connectivity due to where they live and/or might lack the motivation or confidence to engage with digital.

Age UK South Lakeland are attempting to remove these barriers for older people engaged, providing them with the access and skills training that they need. Older people are offered the loan, on the condition that they attend Age UK South Lakeland’s Induction Class and make use of the ongoing support offered through One Digital. These Induction Classes are led by Digital Champions and cover the basics of using the tablets, for example how to turn it on, how to navigate the home screen and how to browse the internet. Digital Champions provide older people with step-by-step booklets to take away with them to support them to practice their new skills independently at home. Older people are supported through further classes and 1-2-1 support to help them build the basic skills required to benefit from their new tablet.

For more information on how to get involved, get in touch with project coordinator June Pedley on / Tel 01539 728118 Ext 204

One Digital is a UK wide partnership which promotes the use of Digital Champions to support people to learn digital skills. For organisations interested in setting up their own digital inclusion project we have developed a free Knowledge Hub of useful information and resources.

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