Community of Practice report: digital maturity

Published by Kate Gallant on

Here we will be sharing key learning from section four of the One Digital observational and practice based learning report. Section four of the full report is available at the bottom of the page.

The Community of Practice carried out a range of good practice activities to capture learning, these included:

  • Face to face learning and virtual learning sessions
  • Internal Project Leads discussions
  • Larger events for wider partners interested in digital inclusion
  • Informal use of Slack and email to share practice queries
  • Project visits and direct discussions with digital inclusion practitioners
  • Workshops and network sessions led by One Digital partners.

Section four: digital maturity and transformation

Learning points covered:

  • Helping people to benefit from being online
  • Digital transformation with digital inclusion
  • Digital maturity assessments
  • Getting partner engagement
  • Digital service change as a driver for digital skills development

Read section four of the full report here